Blonde Redhead @ Frannz Club Berlin 09.17.14.

Blonde Redhead forces you to evolve with them as they vary their set lists and refuse to play the same old songs over and over. At so many shows it seems as though the bands play new material half-heartedly as they know that the early stuff is better, and that’s all the crowd wants to hear anyway. BR give the new songs reverence and time, even playing one as an encore, and they are deserving; the new album, Barragán, is the best one since 2004’s Misery is a Butterfly.

Warschauer Str., Berlin.

This is my train station, I walk by it and use it almost every single day. There is a major construction project going on there right now, making it glaringly apparent what a tourist I am because I have absolutely no clue as to what they are building.


I’m in Berlin now and I’m bringing back TalkTalk as an outsider’s view on a city that can’t really be defined. I’ve been here a month and have already had to readjust how I see the world and why I’m in it. For now, I’m an observer.